Hawaii Alternative Condos

If you are looking for a date that is a Holiday use this  Oahu / Hawaii link   Honolulu

In Hawaii (Waikiki)  What I am looking for in order of priority is location, price, amazing condo (room)      why? – I am there to be in Hawaii, and the more money I have in my pocket the more I can do.  Dont get me wrong I wont stay in a dive, the condo needs to have a certain standard.  but it does not need everything I have at home.  If I wanted that I would stay home.

That being said here is my preferences on which resort I would stay in.  The list is in order from the top down with one exception.  PRICE
In Hawaii during Holidays and Conventions (like the Consumer electronics show) some of the resorts drive their price to beyond ridiculous levels.  On those dates I would move down the list until I found a better value resort.  (value based on price, location and accommodation in that order)

Enough Reading , here is the list!  Use the links above and below….  Good Hunting!!

2 bdms sleeping 6

Aston Waikiki Sunset 1 and 2bdm condos,  great location and amenities, excelent price

Castle Hokele  1 and 2 bdm condos  1 block from shopping  two from the beach  older style but the price makes up for it, amenities are great as well

Aqua Waikiki Pearl 1 and 2 bdms, price is great

Aston Waikiki Beach Tower 8.8 stars, location is good  pool, hot tub, bar, free wifi and parking

llima hotel

1 bdms sleeping 4, sometimes 6

Imperial Hawaii Waikiki

Wyndham Waikiki Beach Walk

Aqua Waikiki Wave 8  one of the better ones and a great price.

holiday surf suites 7.4  great price

Aqua sky line  7.5 1 bdm

Aqua Pacific Monarch  8.7  great value  1 bdm

there are several others to choose from just go to the   Hawaii Link